Producer, Engineer, Educator

Producer, Engineer, Educator

About Me


I have been involved in the Music Industry for over 30 years, 26 of those in Los Angeles.  It's been an amazing journey and it's far from over!!!  Working with classic artists like Heart, Joe Walsh, Mick Jagger, Take 6 and Robbie Robertson have given me opportunities that I could not have imagined when I first entered the business.   Now, new, young artists like Tanksley, FLOTUS, Jack Avery and Savanah Harmon inspire me to continue grow and experiment!

What's happening today...

I love working with my clients from the West Coast as well as my new clients from the East Coast!  Cool, young, talented artists from diverse walks of life need an experienced Engineer/Producer to help them bring their art to life.   I draw tremendous energy and creativity from these artists and love being in the studio with them.  Syracuse University has provided me the opportunity to share my experiences with undergrad and grad students, helping them hone their skills and prepare them for their first step into the Music Industry.

The future...

More music, more music, more music!!!  Let's bring your art to life so you can share your music with your family, friends and fans!!!   Whether it's your first time going into the studio or your 100th, whether you are interested in a full time career in the industry or just want to learn more or improve upon basic recording techniques, let me help you with your audio production needs.


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Patrick MacDougall - Producer, Engineer, Educator

Certified Avid Instructor