John Bohlinger - Music Director for NBC's Nashville Star, CMT Awards, PBS, GAC, etc.

"Patrick MacDougall is one of the most gifted engineers I've ever worked with.   Not only does he get the best sounds,  but his production instincts have been the secret weapon that has turned many of our sessions from good to amazing."

Thanks Patrick!


   " If you want a professional recording/mix then patrick macdougall is your guy. I've been recording in his former studio in los angeles (solo and with a band) since 2005 and I am eager to work with him again in Syracuse. PMAC is the oz of protools and a master at engineering. He will arrange the studio in any fashion you desire (i like to sit on the floor with coffee and a candle) so that you feel perfectly comfortable and confident behind the mic. All you have to do is perform and he will take care of all the rest. He also mixes all my home recordings. So easy. I just send him the files via email and he sends back magic. Also, i gotta say, PMAC is cool and has the best t-shirt collection ever! i'm grateful to know him and lucky to call him my friend. He will inspire your best."   - jaymay  


Marius de Vries - Producer, Composer, Music Director

    I have always had a great time working with Patrick. He is an expert engineer, and very fast and diliigent. His professional attitude and his manner with clients is about as good as any engineer I have ever worked with. He is personable, unobtrusive when he needs to be, sensitive at all times to the psychological balance of the session, and yet also full of good ideas when needed. He always goes the extra mile when schedules become unreasonable. He deals with complicated live set-ups with as much ease as he handles more electronic projects, and he gets great sounds. I couldn't recommend him highly enough.